Equipment Specifications

Manufacturer PIPER
Hourly Charter Call
Location Niles, Michigan
Registration Number N9215Y
Certificate Number JOPA290F

General Information

Based in Niles, MI (3TR). $3.40 per mile, 215 MPH, 7 seats (Number of passengers limited by individual weight),
Executive Club Seating,

Detailed Description

Welcome to Astro Star Aviation, Inc.

We Offer Private Aircraft Charter Flights To and From These Locations:

  • Michigan: Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo
  • Indiana: Indianapolis, South Bend, Elkhart, Fort Wayne and Goshen as well as Chicago, IL

Astro Star Aviation, Inc. provides safe, efficient, reliable, and cost- effective private aircraft charter. We are a service oriented private aircraft charter business with highly experienced pilots who know how to meet your travel and comfort needs. Astro Star Aviation, Inc. is an established business specializing in aircraft charter since November 1st, 1984. Astro Star Aviation, Inc. charter aircraft can operate from any airport in the contiguous United States that has a 3000 or longer runway. This allows you to use smaller airports that serve the city or area of your choice. Our customers are no longer limited by airline schedules, large airport delays or limited airline service destinations. With aircraft charter you pick the departure and destination airport. This flexibility is why aircraft charter is a valuable business tool to our successful customers. So if your travel arrangements demand flexibility, expert service, efficient time management, and a cost-effective price; call Astro Star Aviation, Inc. and find out how our customers are using private aircraft charter to enhance the productiveness of their business and leisure time.

Large windows, Quiet Cabin, Weather Radar Equipped, Full De-Ice Equipment, 1100 Lbs Useful Load (Passenger and Luggage), Comfortable 7 seats (Number of passengers limited by individual weight), Rear entry with air-stair door.

$3.40 per mile
$50.00 per hour ground time charge.
Landing, parking, facility, hangar, De-Ice and overnight costs are billed at cost to the customer.

Contact: Astro Star Aviation at (269) 684-7030