About Astro Star Aviation

Welcome to Astro Star Aviation, Inc. We are Michiana's Aircraft Charter Connection!

Astro Star Aviation, Inc. provides safe, efficient, reliable, and cost- effective aircraft charter. We are a service oriented business with experienced pilots who have your travel needs and comfort in mind.

Astro Star Aviation, Inc. is an established aircraft charter business with experience dating back to our beginning in November 1984.

Astro Star Aviation, Inc. charter aircraft can pick you up at any airport in the United States that has a 3000 ft. runway. This allows you to use smaller airports that service the city of your choice. You no longer have to accept the airlines schedule or deal with the large airport hassle. With aircraft charter you pick the departure and destination airport. This flexibility is why aircraft charter is a valuable business tool. So if your travel needs demand flexibility, expert service, efficient time management, and a cost-effective price; call Astro Star Aviation, Inc. and find out how aircraft charter can enhance the productiveness of your business and leisure travel.

We are your aircraft charter connection for these Indiana cities: Indianapolis, South Bend, Elkhart, Fort Wayne and Goshen;
these Michigan cities: Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, and Chicago, Illinois.

Phone: (269) 684-7030

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